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Tea Light Snowman Ornaments


Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

These tea light snowman ornaments are really easy to make and they look ADORABLE! Who would have thought you could make such a cute Christmas ornament just by using dollar store tea lights?! When you turn on the tea light the “flame” becomes the snowman’s carrot nose! Talk about adorable! The full tutorial is on the next page!

These tea light snowman ornaments are really easy to make and they look ADORABLE! Turn on the tea light and the "flame" becomes the snowman's carrot nose!





These look ADORABLE!!!!! I can’t wait for christmas!!

These are so cute! What a fun project for a Girl Scout troop or classroom. Great idea:) (visiting from Brag About It)

These are SO cute, what a lovely idea!

So cute…thank you for sharing, my cub scouts are making these tomorrow night. I think the boys will love that they light up 🙂

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My boys and I made these last year. We had so much fun deciding on how to make them “ours” by mixing up ribbons, pom poms, and when they were done they decided they were just too cute to give away. They still have them on their trees.

Are they cute or what?

Adorable! Great for the tree and for present toppers.

The instructions are so clear that I plan to make these with my grandchldren when they stay over. They will be on fall break in October so this will make a great & easy craft for us to do together.

Adorable and simple.

This is GREAT! Thank you for sharing. I am thinking of making them into necklaces for my volunteer team for this year’s food drive. Do you think attaching a red shoelace/cord/ribbon to the earmuffs will hold up as a necklace? Any suggestions?

I think so?? I would just recommend using a lot more hot glue than what I’ve shown in the photos to make sure they stay together. I think they’d make adorable necklaces!!


These are so great! Just picked up the supplies to make these with 50 3rd grade students. Wish us luck 🙂

Wonderful! I hope they enjoy them!! And good luck!!! 🙂

i only need to get some small pompoms and i can start on mine. thanks for the idea. so cute We are making these at a girls get together next week. I gathered all the supplies to make them, so very easy! The only instruction I looked for was on the scarf, and it was very clear and worked just as instructed. I also just have a tip, I know with myself and markers, when I start making a circle, it gets bigger and then the other one isn’t even sometimes. I was in on the home crafting crazy back in the 90’s. To make perfect circles, use the end of a paint brush or any round item. Dip in black paint. Practice on a napkin. Now to do the one with a top hat!

I just finished making two dozen of these adorable little guys for stocking stuffers and mini-gifts for friends. They look even cuter “in person”. I found three different colors of the sparkly pom poms (red, green and royal blue) along with matching ribbon for the scarves. So, so cute! Everyone went crazy over them, and a Thanksgiving guest bought a dozen to take home with him! Thanks so much for sharing.

Thank you for this craft! We are using this idea in American Heritage girls tonight! They couldn’t be more adorable!

This is so cute! I’m wanting to do it this Christmas with my daughter. As I looked at the supplies and the links out, it looks like the tea lights, when lit, make for a warm color rather than a cool color to keep the snowman white. Are these the one’s you used?

Very nice tutorial. Thank you very much, I will try to do this for Christmas with my grandchildren

Thanks agan

Great tutorial! I made these with wax voltive candles and beads for eyes. Turned ok, but would have been cuter with the battery voltives. Thanks!!

This was a huge PINTEREST FAIL for my crafting group!

These are so darling! Found them after a search from the general idea on a page elsewhere. They also shared a link where you can buy teeny tiny black top hats on Amazon…shared below. I think I am going to make these to put on gifts and gift bags used for food gifting. Thanks for the tutorial! (Went ahead and put the link to my defunct blog…that I really should start back in on. I have a lot of time on my hands now and I may have to do just that!)

I LOVE this! A friend and I want to make these at a ladies craft night at church, but I want to print all the steps. When I try to highlight/copy/paste, the photos don’t come with it AND it’s 26 pages… can you help me so we can have instructions for that craft table, please? Thanks SO much!

These turned out adorable and were so easy and fun to do…Thank u, HAPPY HOH


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