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How to make Lolly Pop Spiders


How to make Lolly Pop Spiders

This morning, we took our 5 year old out for breakfast. She was home from school because she had a fever last night, and I didn’t think I should send her to school, just in case. So we went to this little diner that has a basket of lolly pops by the door. My girls get SO EXCITED any time we say we’re going there because apparently, to a three year old and a five year old, the idea of choosing any lolly pop you want from a big basket overflowing with colourful lolly pops is the best thing ever.

So this morning after my five year old finished her oversized pancake drenched with syrup, my husband walked her up to the front of the restaurant and she chose a blue lolly pop. She brought it back to the table, opened it up, and promptly dropped it on the floor under the table. I looked at the two little pieces of dirt on it with raised eyebrows and said to her “Um, I don’t think that’s good to eat anymore?” foolishly thinking my question would make her throw it away.

These lolly pop spiders are SO SIMPLE and look adorably creepy! They'd make great party favours or a fantastic treat to send to school on Halloween!





Super cute idea, but oy! The ads on your page!

Love the spider idea! I’ve seen the ghosts but never the spiders. Makes me think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

Did the spider idea for my sons birthday party and ended up great! Thank you for sharing!

Great idea’s!

How long are the pipe cleaner pieces? Is it one full piece cut into 4??? ☺

2 cure-pipes coupés en 2 donc vous avez 4 morceaux !

Love the ghost

Loop the pipe cleaners around what? Do they twist with the other side? I need one more step, ha ha. Not sure how they keep the other side of legs in place.

on va en préparer demain pour la soirée de mardi ! également des fantômes ….

These are great! What size googly eyes did you use and what thickness of pipe cleaner?


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