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Candy Cane Sleds with Teddy Grahams


Candy Cane Sleds with Teddy Grahams

It’s official.  This is my first Christmas post of the holiday season!  I am listening to Christmas carols in my car and I’ve pulled out my first holiday decorations.  I love this time of year!  And what’s not to love?  People smiling.  Sparkling lights.  Shopping.  It’s great!

As my first Christmas feature, check out these adorable candy cane sleds – this is the cutest idea ever!  I have a hard time looking at the little bears on the sleds without smiling.  My girls would absolutely love them!  Be sure to visit the blog Gluesticks for directions and tips on how to put these little guys together!

Candy Cane SledsPin this for the next time you need a cute snack for a kids Christmas party, but be sure to pin from the original source.


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