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What are these online sewing, gardening and baking courses all about?


What are these online sewing, gardening and baking courses all about?

I’m going to find out! is a really cool site where you can share your craft/cake decorating/gardening/jewellery projects, find patterns, take workshops and sign up for full online courses.  Today was the last day of their spring sale so I took the plunge and purchased a few of their online courses.

Their list of courses is pretty extensive no matter what your interests, so it’s definitely worth taking a peak to see if there is anything that catches your eye.

Craftsy courses

I had trouble narrowing it down, so I have signed myself up for all five of the following online courses:

Kids Romper Revamp: Creative Pattern Adapting

Romper revamp

I have been sewing nearly my entire life, and when I was a child I always swore that I would sew all of my future children’s clothes (ha!  that’s so not happening!).  I’m not very confident at sewing clothing, so I’m hoping this course will show me some basics and maybe make the clothes look less

“homemade” than they usually do when you sew them yourself.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Decadent Chocolate Cakes

I don’t think anyone really NEEDS to take a course on baking fancy gourmet chocolate cakes, but come on?!  How can you resist!?  The photos look DELICIOUS and the description says it’s going to teach me how to make three “showstopping” chocolate desserts.   This is also the one that I

clicked on first to see what the courses were like, and so far from the intro, everything looks super professional, and the preview of the cakes are mouthwatering!

Perfect Pizza at Home

This is actually a free course (they call it a “mini class”), so there is absolutely no purchase necessary if you just want to try out and see what these online courses are about.  I love homemade pizza, and I love the idea of learning how to make my own pizza dough.  The

instructor makes it sound easy enough in the introduction, so we’ll see how it goes.

Garden Fresh: Grow Your Own Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs

Garden Fresh

Can you tell my interests are all over the place?  I love gardening, and I am super excited for spring to get here so it can warm up and I can plant my garden already!  My husband and I plant a vegetable garden every year but it’s never very… ummm… bountiful… so this course says it’s

supposed to teach some tricks for how to have a successful vegetable garden.

The Costume Box: Dress-Up for Holiday and Every Day

This is the first class that caught my eye.  I love making things for my girls, so I love that it’s all about making costumes for kids!  Tutus, wings, capes, crowns, and beaded wands – I can’t wait to see what other costume ideas I’ll learn!



I’m not sure where I’m going to find the time to finish all these courses, but it says that I’ll have access to them forever.  Obviously I can’t get through so many courses quickly, so I’ll post updates as I make my way through.  If anyone else has taken any of these courses I’d love to hear how it went!  I’m pretty excited!


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