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Twelve gift bow tutorials


Twelve gift bow tutorials


12 Fabulous Gift Bow Tutorials - Just in time for Christmas!  |

I can’t be the only one who hasn’t finished their Christmas wrapping yet!  Sometimes I feel like I wrap a gift, take it downstairs, only for it to be immediately opened again.

So since I am in the Christmas wrapping spirit, I wanted to share with you a list of twelve gift bow tutorials that I have come across over the last few weeks.  Hopefully these will inspire you to make beautiful presents, even if they are only wrapped for a few hours!

Twelve gift bow tutorials

Bow 9

Handmade paper bow tutorial

by Shopgirl

This tutorial teaches you how to make the classic bows we put on Christmas presents.



How to tie a perfect bow

by Ellinee Journal

I have ALWAYS wondered how you tie a perfect bow!  I’ve never been able to get it right until now!



How to make a Christmas bow

by Marryl All Write

An excellent tutorial showing the basic technique for wire ribbons.



Fancy Christmas bow tutorials

by Miss Lovie

An excellent set of tutorials to make several different beautiful gift bows. If only my presents looked this good!



Korker bow tutorial

by Shopgirl

Even though these are more traditionally for hair bows, they would look gorgeous on top of a gift!


Christmas wrapping party 055

Christmas gift wrapping party

by Our Southern Nest

How cute is this bow?!?



Classic ribbon tutorial

by Under the Inkfluence

Like the name says, this is a super helpful tutorial to make classic ribbon bows.



Wrapping paper bows

by Simply Julie

A fantastic bow that uses your leftover wrapping paper scraps!  I love this!



DIY: How to make a Bow

by Healthy Living How To

A video showing a technique to make beautiful wire ribbon bows.


054The Hair Bow

by Twenty Three Oh One

This is a tutorial for another hair bow, but I think it would look amazing on a gift too!


8169683382_e975dc05a0Ribbon gift bow tutorial

by LR Stitched

For the crafter in us all!  This is a twist on the classic paper bow, using ribbon and a button.


100_1791 [800x600]Faux bow tutorial

by Life is Like a Bowl of Stamps

A cute little faux bow for gifts or cards.


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