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Simple Felt Flower Tutorial #3


Simple Felt Flower Tutorial #3

I’m not sure why I am so drawn to felt flowers?  Maybe because they are so easy to make and they make such cute hair accessories for kids?   This one is so simple, and it ends up making super cute little flowers!  They’d be so sweet all bunched together on a little headband or clip!

Simple Felt Flower Tutorial #3Simple Felt Flower Tutorial #3

To start, cut out five small circles of felt: DSCN4820

Pinch one of the circles in half, and run a needle and thread through it near the end:


Repeat the process for all of the little circles, collecting them on the needle like this:


When you pull them off the needle, it will look like this:


Pull the thread tight and run a few stitches through the end to hold it in place:

Felt Flower Tutorial

Tie a knot, and your flower is done!  This has to have been the easiest felt flower yet!

Simple Felt Flower Tutorial #3 |

This one is just little, but you can make it however big you like.  It’s pretty tiny next to the larger flower I made in my second felt flower tutorial: Simple Felt Flower Tutorial #3 |

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Jeepers, it looks like I’m going to have to do a felt/flower roundup soon!


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