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Simple Felt Flower Tutorial #2


Simple Felt Flower Tutorial #2

I have a soft spot for felt flowers.  I might have a soft spot for felt too, actually.   I’m not entirely sure when it’s appropriate to use felt flowers, but they are so pretty, I just can’t help myself from making them!  They make adorable hair accessories for babies and toddlers, and I’ve even seen a few people decorate presents with them, instead of using a gift bow.


Last time I made a simple felt flower and showed how to attach them to an elastic, a barrette and a hairband.  I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do with this felt flower, but I think it would make an adorable barrette for Leah.

Simple Felt flower Tutorial

Cut a flower shape out of paper to use as a pattern.  If you have a flower cookie cutter that would work perfectly!  Or, just google image search “flower cookie cutter” and you can print out one of the images to work with.


You’ll need to cut out five of these felt flower shapes from the pattern piece: DSCN4828

Fold one of the felt flower pieces in half: DSCN4829

Fold it in half again: DSCN4830

Take another felt flower piece (this will be the bottom) and pull a needle through it: DSCN4831

Attach the folded felt flower piece to the bottom felt flower piece: DSCN4832

Fold another felt flower piece in half twice, and then sew it to the bottom felt flower piece: DSCN4833

Do the same thing a third time: DSCN4834

And again a fourth time for the last felt flower piece:DSCN4835

Now poof it up and this is what it looks like: DSCN4836

Cut out some leaves if you like.  I didn’t have any green felt so I used fabric: DSCN4837

Fold the leaves in half: DSCN4838

And pinch them together: DSCN4839

And run the needle and thread through them: DSCN4840

Then attach them to the bottom of the felt flower: DSCN4841

And the felt flower is complete! DSCN4846

If my sewing machine wasn’t out for repairs I would have made a headband to attach this to. DSCN4856

These are pretty simple and can be made in less than 10 minutes.  I’ve also seen these felt flowers put together with a glue gun instead of sewing – but I find it more work to pull out my glue gun and keep it safely out of reach from little hands, so I much prefer to work with a needle and thread.


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