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Painting an IKEA Doll’s Bed


Painting an IKEA Doll’s Bed

Since we are already on the topic of painting beds this week, I thought I’d continue by painting the IKEA Duktig Doll’s Bed that we gave Leah for Christmas this year.

painting an IKEA duktig doll's bed

It’s a simple wooden bed frame (doll sized of course) and it comes with some very simple bedding and a flat looking thing that’s supposed to be a pillow.  I have big plans to dress up this bed with fancy bedlinens and make it a little more inviting for her dolls and stuffed animals!

IKEA Duktig Doll's Bed

I’ve been planning to paint it white to match the other furniture in her room, but it has taken awhile to get around to it.

IKEA Duktig Doll's Bed without sheets

Painting an IKEA Doll’s Bed

Luckily I left the paint brushes, and the paint tray in a sealed bag from when I painted Leah’s headboard last week, so everything was ready to go and all I needed was the time to do it.


This is the second piece of furniture that I’ve painted (if you can call a doll’s bed furniture).  I was kind of surprised that this was a lot more work to paint than Leah’s headboard!

Painting IKEA Duktig doll's bed white

I used a small brush to paint most of it.  It was a lot of really small areas at very awkward angles.  Each coat took a good half hour to paint, if not longer.

Painting IKEA Duktig doll's bed white

I tried to put the first coat on thin, but I think my paint is just too thick.  Next time I buy paint for furniture I’ll have to make sure it’s quite a bit thinner and hopefully that will help get the smoother finish that I want.

first coat of white paint on IKEA Duktig doll's bed

The coverage was pretty decent after the first coat, but you can see that it definitely needed a second coat:


After the second coat it was good to go!   A pretty little doll bed to match Leah’s big girl bed!

IKEA Duktig Doll's Bed without sheets painted white

I have to make some better bedding than this, but at least the doll’s bed is now painted white!

IKEA Duktig Doll's Bed painted white

It’s going to look really cute in Leah’s bedroom when I get all the bedding put together.  I’m planning on doing another tulle bedskirt (I just can’t resist!), a pillow that actually resembles a pillow, a mattress of some kind, and some sheets.  As always I’ll have tutorials for all of it so be sure to check back!



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