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Make a mini felt crown barrette


Make a mini felt crown barrette

I love doing little things to try to make events like birthdays even more special.   Which is why I made Leah a mini felt crown barrette for her 3rd birthday the other day that she could wear to feel like a birthday princess.  Mini Felt Crown Barrette |


I came across several mini felt crown head bands and hair bands on Pinterest, but she would take those off in about 30 seconds.  At least a barrette will stay put all day long (and it even lasted through her nap!). Mini Felt Crown Barrette |

I had to throw it together quickly before the girls woke up from their naps, and I had no idea if it was going to work, but I actually think it turned out really cute!

How to make a mini felt crown barrette

I had some leftover sparkly pink felt that I had used for the girly hobby horse‘s ears, and also for the hearts in the Valentine’s Day Chair Backer.  And then I used the lonely mismatched plastic barrette whose match I glued a felt flower onto awhile back.  IMG_9406

Print out the Crown Barrette Pattern and lay it on top of the felt: IMG_9413

Cut out the felt: IMG_9429

Use a hot glue gun to glue the ends of the crown together: IMG_9435


Cut out a felt circle for the bottom of the crown.  I used white, so it would match the plastic barrette I was planning to use: IMG_9417

Sew the felt onto the inside of the crown so the white felt isn’t visible from the front: IMG_9437

Hot glue would probably work for those of you who don’t like sewing, but I didn’t have the patience to try it: IMG_9450

Put a generous amount of hot glue on the plastic barrette.  Cover the entire barrette with hot glue, not just the middle like I show in the picture below.  I had to go back and add more glue to the sides once I put it on: IMG_9452

Press it onto the bottom of the crown, making note of where you want the seam in the crown to be (as in you probably don’t want it right at the front): IMG_9455

If I had had more time, I think adding jewels to it would have made it even more awesome! Mini Felt Crown Barrette |

But as it was, it was really light weight and it stayed in her hair really really well: Mini Felt Crown Barrette |

She was excited to put it on when she first saw it, and once it was on her head, she completely forgot about it, and it didn’t budge until bedtime – making for some super cute 3rd birthday photos!

So cute!! This is the perfect project to make for my little niece, she loves to dress up like a princess but also won’t wear headbands.

PS your little girl is beautiful!

Thanks! And yes, headbands don’t work too well in our house either. My other favourite is to glue fun things to elastics. Out of sight, out of mind. 🙂


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