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How to make paper snowflakes


How to make paper snowflakes

What’s the easiest and most inexpensive holiday decoration that is cute and will keep kids occupied for awhile?  Paper snowflakes!


Remember when you were little and you folded paper, cut out all sorts of shapes and came up with paper snowflakes and it was fantastic and fun?  Well, guess what?  It’s still fun and surprisingly addictive!

But who knew that there was more to making paper snowflakes than randomly folding paper like I remember doing when I was 7 years old!?  This method makes gorgeous paper snowflakes, no matter how you cut them!

Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Start with a square piece of paper.


Step 2 – Fold it in half into a triangle.


Step 3 – Fold it in half again into another triangle.


Step 4 – Fold it into thirds.


Step 5 – Cut off the end.


Step 6 – Have fun with your scissors and cut out all sorts of variations.


Step 7 – (Who knew this was a 7 step process!?) Open up your beautiful paper snowflake and enjoy!


Hang your paper snowflakes on thread from the ceiling, put them on windows, or even decorate your Christmas presents with an easy, festive, winter wonderland decoration!



If the pictures above aren’t clear, check out Vintage Junky.  They have a great free downloadable pdf with a folding diagram and templates for cutting paper snowflakes.


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