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How to make a mustache stamp


How to make a mustache stamp

I feel a little guilty posting this.  I tried to find the original source for these images but I just couldn’t find it.  A few sites point to The Sweetest Occasion, but it seems the page might have been removed?

I think this is a brilliant idea though!  And I really wanted to share, especially with it being Movember and all.  The thought had never crossed my mind that you could make your own stamp.  This looks so easy and would make such a cute little greeting card or note!  Or I just saw a “little men” baby shower theme on Pinterest with little mustache favours.  Too cute!

DIY Mustache Stamp

Well, this is normally where I ask you to pin this image from the original source, but I’m at a loss.  So if you happen to find the original source please let me know!  How are your men doing?  Any out of control mustaches going on?


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