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How to hem curtains and sheers


How to hem curtains and sheers

What kind of curtains are perfect for a little girl’s room?  Why, pink curtains of course!  I finally got Leah’s curtains up.  I had to figure out how to hem curtains and sheers but I’m so excited how much homier the room is starting to look!

How to hem curtains and sheers

I love the combination of Benjamin Moore’s Bird’s Egg with the pink curtains.  And the sheers add a nice soft glow to her bedroom.

How to hem curtains and sheers

The one problem was that the sheers were crazy wrinkly and looked like this when I took them out of the package.  I tried my steamer, but they were too thin for the steam to do anything:


The other problem was that they were about 3″ too long.  I wanted to hang the curtain rod up near the ceiling, but 7ft long sheers were not going to be long enough, so I had to go with the 8ft sheers.


I folded over the bottom of the sheers while they were still hanging.  With the fabric being so see-through I only had two options for folding, either an inch and a half that I show in the photo directly below (which I later decided wasn’t enough), or a full 3″.


It’s hard to tell in the photos (which was the idea) that I folded over the exact height of the existing hem.  Any differently and it would have been super obvious that it didn’t match up:

How to hem curtains and sheers

So the hem ended up looking like this in the end:


Next I had to iron… and iron… and iron… and iron some more.  I used relatively low heat to get all the wrinkles out, but it was definitely a worthwhile effort.


The pink curtains had the same problem with being too long, except they had to be hemmed by about 6″.


It was too big of a hem to just eyeball it all, plus there was nothing to match it up to this time.  So I had to use a measuring tape every few inches and then iron it to get the exact width that I wanted to hem:


I started by measuring, folding by 3″, ironing, then measuring, folding another 3″ and ironing again.


Then I pinned it all in place (although, after ironing, it really wasn’t going anywhere):


And I sewed the hem as close as I could to the fold:

How to hem curtains and sheers

So the hem on the pink curtains ended up looking like this:


Now, the curtains float about an inch or so above the floor:


The pink curtains were the best bargain!   A last chance sale from IKEA – $5 for the set of two!  I was totally undecided for the longest time, but when I saw that sale, I figured for $5 I could totally put them up and if I ever change my mind I won’t feel guilty changing them!

How to hem curtains and sheers

I used a double curtain rod for the curtains, so the sheers are behind, and the pink curtains are in front. Sorry, I know that’s difficult to see in the photos.

How to hem curtains and sheers

Did I mention I had to iron the pink curtains too?  This project definitely exercised my iron and ironing board!   There’s only so much you can do during nap time, so it took a couple days to get through it all.  But the room is looking amazing!  I can’t wait to keep going!

Love the wall color and the pretty pink curtains! I am in the beginning stages of moving our sweet girl into a “big girl” bedroom. I discovered you through Diana Rambles Pin Me Linky Party!

Thanks for the inspiration!
Ashley @ 3littlegreenwoods

Lovely room! Great tutorial on hemming the curtains. What a great buy for $5.00. Looks wonderful!

I love your tutorial on how to hem your sheers. They are perfect. Thanks for linking up with Tickled Pink Times Two. Can’t wait to see what else you have 🙂
Mae it a great week.

The room is turning out adorable! I’m sure she’s loving it. We’re redoing my daughter’s room and it has that colour of walls too. I love that colour!

gorgeous! i love the ethereal feel of the room! i usually have the opposite problem of trying to make curtains longer!

This is starting to look so dang cute! Every little girl needs pink in her life. I wish I had the patience to sew. I just hem tape everything out of laziness 😉


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