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8 Ways to add a little heart to your Valentine’s Day


8 Ways to add a little heart to your Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, why not spice up your loved one’s day with a few of these heart shaped ideas? I am definitely loving the idea of making all of Leah’s snacks heart shaped that day, but there are so many other options too!  With just a little bit of planning you could bring an extra little smile to someone’s face.

Each of the photos is a link back to the original source.

Heart Cupcakes

Have you ever seen cupcakes in the shape of a heart?  They are simple – just add a marble to the cupcake tin while they bake!



Heart Cookies

These are gorgeous and look delicious!  They definitely make me want to do some Valentine’s Day baking!


Heart Crayons

These are so cool!  You cut up a few old and broken crayons, put them in a heart shaped cupcake tin and melt the crayons into heart shapes.



5-Heart-crayons 2


Heart Lunch

When it comes to food, the possibilities of heart shapes are endless!  This is one great example of a festive Valentine’s Day lunch.


Heart Hair Clips

These would be so cute on a little girl!  The link is to an etsy shop, but they wouldn’t be too hard to make by yourself either.


Heart Placemats

How better to decorate your child’s setting at the table than with a bright and fun heart shaped place mat!


Heart Garland

How cute is this heart garland?!  Decorate anything in your house, chairs, the stairs, doors, even your bed!


Heart Valentine Envelope

I love this too!  Leave your loved one a love note in the shape of a heart, and then fold it into an envelope.  Brilliant!



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